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July 23, 2014

10lbs of cuteness



Say hello to Mr.G! He is an adorable 3 week old and full of rolls! Born weighing in at 8lbs+change  made for some super cute pictures today! Can’t wait to work on his gallery and for his parents to see all the cuteness I captured!

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July 20, 2014

Terms and Conditions and Business Policies


We are always getting questions emailed to us about turn around times and our reloading policies and print policies so I thought I’d put a few of them on here so you could access them easily. These are not all of our terms and conditions and business policies but the rest are in your contract that we have your sign at the time of your session and also in the paper work we give for you to keep after your session. If you have any questions at all please let me know!


Viewing the Images. Your images will be ready to view three to four weeks after each session via an online gallery. Your online gallery will remain online for only seven days, though exceptions made in the case of labor. There is a $95 fee to re-publish your gallery for you to place your order if you have not done so within the allotted time. It is highly recommended you make your print selections within this time frame. Your purchased prints will be ready for delivery two to three weeks after your payment has been received and cleared.

Image Files (Negatives). All ordered images are kept on file for three months. There is a $100 print minimum for reorders. Images not ordered are purged three months past your session date(s).

Fee Payment. A retainer must be paid in order to book your session. Your retainer is applied towards your total balance and the remaining balance must be paid at the time the session occurs. The fee is non-refundable.

Copyright. It is illegal to use or copy images in any way or manner without written permission by Photographer. Photographer retains all copyright.

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July 17, 2014

Let’s have a Leon fiesta!



Now this wedding was my type of wedding! Lots and lots of color and so much love every where! I met Kimm when I first started photography and I am so happy she selected me to shoot her wedding! When we met for her consultation she blew me away with just how organized she was! I knew this wedding was going to be amazing as soon as I saw her binder filled with pages and pages of decorations and ideas. She definitely did not disappoint!  Micah you are a lucky man to have such a fun, loving, colorful girl like Kimm! Here are some of the images from their big day!
005-006 007-008 009-010 011-012 013-014 015-016 017-018 019-020 021-022 023-024 025-026 027-028

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July 14, 2014

Sunset in Cabo


Let me say this was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever shot! The location was amazing the build up to the wedding day did not disappoint and all in all it was just spectacular!  The reception dinner was held at Baja Cantina in town which had a beautiful view and after the dinner they released lanterns into a beautifully lit night sky. The wedding was held at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, which had the most beautiful view as well! There weren’t many people around on the beach which helped us capture beautiful moments. Their wedding planner was Bonnie from Bliss Events and she was a doll! She helped us in every way possible and made the entire day perfect for us photographers!  Here are some of my favorites so far! I know I will have many more favorites one I start culling through the all the images!

LGP_0602_pp-2web1 LGP_1261-2web1 LGP_4452-2web1 LGP_4525-2web1 LGP_4968-2web1 LGP_4301-2web1LGP_4338-2web1LGP_7890-2web1

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June 30, 2014

Our response to the Indian mini emails we’ve received


Did you know I am Mexican? Did you know that Michael has Indian in him? Did you know that my girls are mixed? I love my culture and I love immerse my girls in my culture. Now, with that being said I did an Indian mini that a lot of people who ARE NOT of Indian decent like to complain about. I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve gotten and I just answer them and then forget about them but now I feel I must address it.


The Indian mini was not done to disrespect or be hateful. We did the mini to capture children being children and having fun using their imaginations and capture that for their families. Do you realize the innocence in children? Do you realize they grow up so fast and before you know it you don’t remember everything? Do you realize that to a mom having pictures of her children playing is pausing a special moment for her to keep forever? The mini was done to let boys have fun, little girls get all these princess and frilly things and it’s ok for them to make believe but it’s not ok for boys? I see something wrong in that. The headdresses are play headdresses no different then a crown made for little girls to wear. I don’t see any harm in letting kids be kids and every family we shot for the Indian mini were of Indian decent. They understood we were’t creating something ugly but something beautiful for them to have forever once their children are grown. I say shame on the people that have turned children make believe into something ugly. Why is your mind so ugly that you see such horrible things in something so innocent. You should be ashamed of trying to create drama when children are involved.  We will continue to do minis that show children playing and having fun using their imaginations and I will not let your emails try to shame us. We will continue to see the innocence  in children and if you can’t do the same then there is something deeply wrong with you.


10321523_10150387771334981_4797496415928128172_o 885887_10150387763264981_2742716222957912039_o LGP_4993_pp-3web1 10258288_10150388127009981_2519197549895877689_oLGP_3073web LGP_3281web



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June 13, 2014

Miss A has arrived!



I just love getting to work with little girls! It just reminds me of my girls and how teeny tiny they were! Check out this sweet girl I got to work with today. Also, if your looking for hats check out Cherished Creations on Facebook! She has some great stuff! LGP_5274_pp-3web1 LGP_5441_pp-2web1 LGP_5415_ppweb1 LGP_5206_ppweb1

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June 13, 2014

Daddy and me minis


Today we got to start the beautiful Daddy and Me minis and let me tell you, the place we found is absolutely perfect for it! I am so glad I found this location and it’s not over used and it’s so peaceful and quiet and it’s just so magical! I can’t wait to take pictures of Michael and the girls there because I think every daddy needs pictures with his precious babies! Here are a few that I took tonight! Seriously they are everything I wanted them to be.





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June 11, 2014

Family Minis!


Hi Everyone!

So, I wanted to share the new family mini information with you all! Since we have a TON of people who want family sessions and want a mini for them, we are now offering family minis twice a month! This is the perfect way to get great pictures of your family and be able to make dad happy since it’s not a very long session. Down below is how it works.

Family Minis
This is how it will work:
We will offer two dates a month (except during our fall month that we do our big family mini session). We will only have 4 slots for each day we offer.
The mini will not be themed, it will have ever be at a location of my choice and it can vary from month to month.
You will get 15 minutes to shoot your session. 15 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot of time but believe me it’s perfect for family pictures because I work very fast and keep everyone happy.
You will get 10 edited images sent to you via a downloadable link and a print release for you to print at the lab of your choice. ( I do however prefer you print from
The cost of the mini will be $150.00+tax. This is due at the time of booking and it is non-refundable and non-transferable. Be sure to check out our mini policies on here under the info tab.
Immediate family only (if your child is shy we strongly suggest purchasing 2 spots.)

Our 1st day we are offering these will be July 2nd and there will only be 4 spots available.

Our 2nd day is July 22nd and we are only offering 4 spots for this one.

The location will be in Midtown, Okc and you can find examples of the background we will be shooting against down below.

To schedule one of these spots email Michael at


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June 8, 2014

Love is in the air!


This engagement was exactly what I was needing! Super cute couple, a couple drinks, and my fun truck! Loved getting to meet Tray and Brett and work with them during their special moment! Brett is an interior designer at Designer’s brew be sure to check her out!!

b collage 2

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June 4, 2014

What’s been going on at the studio?


Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone has been having a fun summer so far! We’ve been super busy at the studio and with us being so busy we decided to add two new photographers to the studio to help out! Don’t worry though,  they have my same style and flare and they are super sweet with kids :) Tracy and Kenzie will be helping shoot sessions and mini sessions and this way we can offer more fun setups through out the year! Also, all the session shot by these two beautiful ladies will be edited by me so they style will still be the same and you will still get those vibrant fun colors and I will still be shooting session as well. To schedule with either of them or me email us at


Down below I’ve listed the minis we are currently  having.

Currently we have 3 minis happening…

June 7th-Daddy and me minis which will be help at lake hefner and will be the perfect father’s day present for any dad!

June 21st- 4th of July minis which have two setups and can be viewed down below, the setups are unique and timeless

June 28th-We’ve opened up another day for the Cowboy and Indian mini since it was so popular with everyone


To book any of these mini session please email Michael at

4thofjulyminis1web LGP_4182_ppweb1 LGP_4408_ppweb1web LGP_4560_ppweb1web LGP_4344_ppweb1web

10321523_10150387771334981_4797496415928128172_o 885887_10150387763264981_2742716222957912039_o

LGP_3073web LGP_3281web



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