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November 3, 2014

Black Friday Preview Sales


We have a lot of black friday sales that will be happening! Here are a few of some I have posted, more will be up later this month!  You can only buy these on November 28th and more info on each will come out as we get closer to the date!

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November 3, 2014

Christmas Sneak 2014



It’s HERE!! The Christmas sneak is finally up! I am so happy that this beautiful setup turned out just like I envisioned, I can’t wait to take photos of all the people who signed up for the mini! We are going to have a lot of fun with this setup for sure! I know a lot of people want to get in on the mini session but unfortunately all our spots were filled in early October. I am however letting clients use this setup for general session and digital packages that way they get some fun Christmas photos as well. I do ask that if your wanting to book a general or digital package to email us right away because all the spots are filling up fast and I need time to get your images edited and back to you in time for Christmas.  You can email us at to book a session.

LGP_7305-2ppweb1 LGP_7237-2ppweb1

George xmas mini1 Kenzie Xmas Commage1

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October 23, 2014

Christmas Clothing Options


Everyone is asking what clothing they should wear for the minis so I found some inspiration on pinterest for you all! I say the brighter colors the better, layers always photography great, and lots of patterns! The black and white striped VW BUG will have presents in the trunk pouring out of it and in the back seat will be filled with presents wrapped in reds, golds, blacks, and jewel tone wrapping. I can’t wait to see everyone there!

There are no outfit changes during the mini sessions and one option will be perfect so we don’t waste any of your shooting time!

xmas clothing page 1 xmas clothing page 2

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October 9, 2014

Halloween Minis 2014


We are offering a special for all our fans and clients! We wanted a way to say THANK YOU for your awesome support and we thought the best way to do that would be by offering you HALF PRICE HALLOWEEN MINIS! The Minis will be $75.00+tax and you will get 5-10 fully edited images and you will get them all before HALLOWEEN!!!  Bring your kiddos in and let us  take adorable little pictures of them in their sweet costumes! We will be offering these from 2-4pm on October 19th. Here is an iphone picture of this adorable little setup!



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October 9, 2014

Christmas mini 2014 VW STYLE


Very excited for our Christmas mini! We had originally planned on shooting them inside but quickly changed our minds when I found this awesome bug idea! We will be using a black and white striped VW BUG with a Christmas Tree strapped to the top and lots of presents over flowing from the trunk, there are some pictures below of my inspiration! How exciting will these sessions be! We are booking for November 16th and it’s our last day of Christmas minis. We’ve already booked all our other days so if you want a spot email us immediately at If all the spots are full don’t worry we are offering full sessions with the VW BUG as well and you can schedule those at!


Email us for information!


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September 4, 2014



It’s done! It’s done! It’s done! I’m not excited because they are done I’m excited because now they get to see them! This wedding was just beautiful, everything I hoped a destination wedding would be. Well, I say that about all the destination weddings lol but come on I mean every single one is super special to me! I am so happy with all the images and I can’t wait for Kali and Chase to see them. Here is a sneak of some of the goodness! Oh! And I do travel for weddings and I take a googol (yes it’s a word) of pictures, so if you want to bring me along send me an email ASAP at!


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August 31, 2014

This boy…


So, there is this boy and I get called aunt, sister, and even mom when people see me with this boy. The truth is this handsome boy is my 2nd cousin. He’s lived us before which was only temporary and he was with us for 1 year and seeing him go was the hardest thing ever and I constantly missed this boy.  When we he 1st came to live with  us the plan was always that once his aunt finished college he would move in with her but I wanted her to finish college so I offered my home to him so she could concentrate on her studies. At the time he left he needed more attention then we could provide and he had a very broken heart because he’s had a hard life for such a young soul. I think it was hard for him to come into a family of 5 and have our attention split into so many different directions. Once, he was all moved into his aunts house he loved it! It was so much fun for him and her and her husband were able to give him all the attention needed and they love him so much but I think he has always missed the chaos. When he would come visit us which was as often as possible and even summers, he would mention that he wanted to move back. I automatically want to say YES but I know it’s not good to have a child bounce back and forth and with the life he’s had he’s had enough bouncing. We talked to him and told him he was better off where he was and that he was just missing the girls and the chaos of our lives. That seemed to pacify him and like I said we got to see him on holidays but I think in a way he missed us and missed being close to the rest of his family.  Now, that brings us to this summer, he wasn’t able to make it back here for the summer because of football  and I think him being in Texas over the summer and having to his aunt and uncle working gave him a lot of free time and opportunity which he hadn’t had before. Free time as we all know  isn’t that great at his age and he wasn’t making the best of “friend” choices so after a very difficult conversation between him and his aunt they decided the best thing would be to move back with us. I commend her for making this choice because it’s such a hard choice to make but sometimes you just have to when you want the best for your family. The loves she has for this boy is intense and I know she wants him to have good life after everything he’s been through and seen so after this decision Marcos moved back in with us right as school was starting. I feel this is the best for him because I spend every single day working BUT my kids are always with me. I like having them with me! If they aren’t at school then they are with us and I am very lucky to have a job in which I can do that.  I’ve been watching him lately and it seems that is what he needed, the George chaos. I think once you get used to our daily life which is errands, family, soccer and family time it’s hard to want to do anything else or get away from it. Soooooooooo this is my best way of explaining this mysterious 4th child. I won’t go into why he isn’t with his parents just know that he is fun, sweet, loving, and sensitive and that he’s been through so much as a little boy. Luckily, he has family that loves him and  a Aunt Kayla who loves him dearly and would do anything for him  and a cousin Lisa who would go to the ends of the earth for this boy.

LGP_1271_ppweb1 LGP_1288_ppweb1 LGP_1325_ppweb1 LGP_1286_ppwebq1

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August 31, 2014

Fall Mini with Lg Photography 2014



It’s FINALLY here the FALL MINI setup! We constantly get request to do shoots with our truck so we decided to let everyone have a little piece of her during the fall mini sessions! The color on her is just beautiful and mix in all the fall colors and it’s just perfect for a fall setup! The fall setup is for families or just your little ones .It’s totally up to you, although I say jump in on some shots with your little ones because you will really love the outcome! We are now booking for the fall minis and if you’d like to book a spot please email us at Emailing this email address help us filter through the other emails and helps us respond to your faster. If you have any questions about the cost or how the minis work just send us an email and we will walk you through the process.

fall2014 collage LGP_1090_ppweb1 LGP_1214_ppweb1 LGP_1286_ppwebq1

LGP_1352_ppweb1 LGP_1032_ppweb LGP_1040_ppweb

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August 4, 2014

George/Ford 2014 Family Vacation


Well we did it! We took a vacation to Satellite Beach in Florida and we took a 12 passenger van and filled it up with people! I still can’t believe it’s over but I was ready to back to my animals even though I had a great time!

Here are our sweeties waiting for their big surprise, they had no clue what it was! Sam, Morgan, Joyce, and I stayed up the night before we left decoration the van and making goodie bags for them filled with items for Disney!


The kids were so excited about Disney! They all dressed up and woke up bright and early (5:30am to be exact) to get ready to drive an hour to Disney and they never complained once!

You know when something great happens and it’s just not what your expected it’s even more and your emotions are all over the place and you just don’t know how to show it? Well the girls were having moments like that! They looked so overwhelmed and so excited! They just didn’t know to smile and talk about it non stop or just be calm and take it all in. It was hilarious! 
Check out Cinderella’s shoe!007-008 The details Disney put into the park are amazing! You literally feel like you just stepped into the movies!

My girls were so excited to meet Cinderella, so were us adult girls! Cinderella was beautiful and seriously so sweet. I could not stop staring at her because she looked just like Cinderella and it looked like she was taken straight out of the story.009-010
After seeing Cinderella we took off to find Belle! We were trying to find all the princesses for the girls to meet and it was a bit tiring since there were all over the park so we stopped to go on a couple rides which we had to do the “It’s a small world” ride!011-012

After the ride we took off to find Belle and the rest of the princesses, I’m glad we set off to do that first because as the day went on it got way hot! Anyway Makinley got to meet Belle and she was ecstatic! Belle had a cool little interactive play and all the kids got to play a role in the play, it was the cutest thing ever! Makylie played the beast and she had to do a roar at the end and when she did it it was the loudest I’ve ever heard her roar and her little voice cracked and I seriously almost cried because she was just so happy! Here is Makinley with her favorite princess.013-014

After the excitement of Belle we new we had to find Ariel next! We wanted to look for Snow White for Gracyn but she was in Epcot which were not doing so we all agreed Ariel would be our next princess! We had a little wait for Ariel but she was totally worth it! Emercyn LOVED Ariel! We each took one big cousins picture with the princesses and then we did each family with her and Emercyn did not want to leave Ariel it was the cutest thing ever! As you can see all the girls were in heaven with the princesses! 015-016

Next was Princess Jasmine and Aladdin! I think our of all the princesses we met I loved meeting Princess Jasmine, they were so sweet and they actually just chatted with you and you didn’t feel rushed and Aladdin made jokes and was playing with everyone. It’s so cool to see how happy all the workers were and how sweet they were to all the kids! Makayla loved Princess Jasmine! She was so excited to meet her and we met her pretty late in the day and so Makayla had changed into her regular clothing and when she saw that she was going to meet her she rushed into the bathroom to change back into her costume because she just had to meet her with her princess outfit! It’s so cute to see Makayla so excited especially since she’s getting in that “big” girl stage.017-018

After all the excitement we decided to take it easy and ride the carousel ride, which happens to be Prince Eric’s horses! The kids loved it and of course so did Michael and I!019-020 021-022 023-024

AND we had to do the typical “Disney Castle” shot with all the kiddos! 025-026

Did you know that they have a dance party at Disney? I didn’t either! Let me tell you my girls like to dance and since Dustin and Sam were dealing with a little Emercyn potty accident (which was horrible and made all of gag, bahahahahaahahahahahha we call it “the great poop of 2014″) I decided to take all the kids dancing! My girls were in club heaven! They were jamming out and they were breaking it down and I was right there next to them cutting the rug! Gracyn and Gavin, who I didn’t  know like to dance were having a blast as well! There were dancing and showing me their awesome dance moves. We were bummed when we had to leave but we had to find spot for the parade!

Our kids seriously had the most amazing time and they by the time we had to find our spot for the parade our kids started to have melt downs because they were so tired and they just wanted to sleep. Makylie is a sleeper and at this point she was literally so dazed and she was trying so hard to not miss anything! Poor Gavin couldn’t fight the sleep and ended up falling asleep in his moms lap and then eventually laid down on the street to snooze. The parade was worth it though it’s was so colorful and fun! I keep saying cool and awesome but it was! I can’t describe just how awesome the whole experience was! 029-030

Now here is the firework show! It has to be one of the coolest things to ever see!


Disney was amazing and I think the kids were a bit overwhelmed, I sure was with the whole experience. We only got to spend one day at Disney because we had a very packed week so we chose to only do the Magic Kingdom and let me tell you, get the fast pass bracelets! They are like $12.95 a person but they are TOTALLY worth it. I had a little melt down because we didn’t get them because I didn’t realize what they were until the very end and we only could do 3 fast passes at a time and our DISNEY APP wasn’t working so it messed it all up and we spent an hour trying to fix it to get on rides but after the “FIESTA” which my family likes to call my meltdowns happened it was all gravy! We had fun we hit up most of the rides and the kids loved all of it!  We have so many memories from Disney and I can’t wait to print all the pictures and post them all over my house!033-034

We took a day off and spent it on the beach but the day after we went to Island of Adventures! That was the coolest thing ever and I wish I took more pictures but we were busy fast passing it to all the rides we rode almost all of them! 035-036

Now let me tell you about our super cool out of this world experience! So We decided to walk the beach and find sea turtles because in Satellite beach they have tons of them! For some odd reason they like to go to this specific beach and they like to lay their eggs! Of course I didn’t think we would be lucky enough to find one but as we were walking the beach we found some tracks that lead to TINA THE SEA TURTLE! She was laying her eggs and we waited patiently and made ourselves comfortable in the sand until she was done so we could get a shot of her! Seeing a sea turtle face to face and see how beautiful they are is something I will never in my life forget! EVER! I mean it’s a freakin sea turtle! We knew they were there because as we were swimming we could see them near us but to see one on the beach is something insanely amazing!


So after seeing Tina the Sea Turtle we decided to go walking the beach the next night after seeing the rocket launch (which was super duper cool) and I took Makinley and Makayla with us. They didn’t get to see Tina so I had to make it up to them so as we are walking we are telling them about all the crabs that are on the beach. We couldn’t show them to them because you aren’t suppose to have on any lights because of the sea turtles but as we are walking Makinley says “daddy what is that?” which was next to the spot were we found Tina. Michael uses his phone to check because it was to large to be a crab and to dark and then all of sudden we hear “IT’S A BABY SEA TURTLE!” My hear stopped and I wanted to cry! There below us right by our feet were two baby sea turtles trying to make it to the ocean! To see an adult Sea Turtle is amazing but to see a baby sea turtle that just hatched is like…….I don’t even know it’s heart stopping! I didn’t have my big camera so I had to use my iPhone to take pictures of it and I also got a video of it! I’m not sure how to upload a video on here but I certainly will try so you all can see it! 
















After so much fun we literally just relaxed on the beach the next couple days. I got to take some fun shots of the girls and we just got to enjoy each other’s company!

039-040 041-042 043-044 045-046 047-048

On our last night we all decided to go to dinner and we ended up in Cocoa Beach and  Cape Canaveral! While at Cocoa beach we did a fast family session and since I have a beautiful pregnant sister in law I decided she had to do a maternity session there and I am so glad we did because we got some great shots of her and Cory and the entire family!051-052 053-054

Now we are back home and ready to start the week! We have a lot of catching up to do but this trip was needed and worth it!LGP_8549-3web


July 23, 2014

10lbs of cuteness



Say hello to Mr.G! He is an adorable 3 week old and full of rolls! Born weighing in at 8lbs+change  made for some super cute pictures today! Can’t wait to work on his gallery and for his parents to see all the cuteness I captured!

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