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November 10, 2015

Christmas time with lights


I saw this post with this sweet couple wrapped in Christmas light and I just thought “I HAVE TO DO ONE WITH THE GIRLS” I shot all three girls but this one just cracks me up so I had so share it ASAP! My kids just make me laugh, they are so silly and so entertaining! I’m offering a studio mini with you little ones just like this and I’ll post a pic of the setup for the little ones tomorrow.


November 1, 2015

Keeping up with Lg….


What have I been up to lately? Oh you know a little of this a little of that! HAHAHA! These are just a few images of sessions I’ve shot, there is waaaaaaayyyyy more and I’ll share those later!

2015-10-31_0001 2015-10-30_0004 2015-10-30_0005 2015-10-30_0006 2015-10-30_0007 2015-10-30_0008 2015-10-30_00041

November 1, 2015

George Halloween 2015



We had a great halloween this year! We even added another baby to the crew this year hahahaha. Lukas’ first halloween was great, he had fun and we all had fun and most importantly we got a TON of candy!!!

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October 7, 2015

Octoberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr means CANDY!!!!


October is our favorite month here at Lg Photography! I think I love it so much because it’s just fun and kids get to dress up and be kids and use their imagination and they get candy! It’s just a fun month! This year it has been one amazing one because we have Lukas and we are getting to watch him grow and we are having so much fun dressing him up. He’s such a happy baby and a sweetheart, we’ve been so blessed! Here are a few shots we’ve gotten of him during this month!

LGP_0375pp1 LGP_0414pp1 LGP_0461pp1 LGP_0513-3pp LGP_1030-2pp LGP_3418pp LGP_3424ppLGP_1045ppweb1_1

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September 5, 2015



Every month keeps going by so fast and every month I work hard at trying to catch up and stay on top of things but this guy has definitely made it hard, only because who can resist these sweet smiles! No one wants to work when they can be loving on this cuteness, but I set him next to me and edit and play with him while I save photos. Thank you all for being so patient and so understanding. The mommy and me minis have taken longer to edit because I want them all to be perfect and they all need skies beautiful summer skies but they are all coming out in the next couple days!

LGP_8252ppweb1 LGP_8335ppweb1 LGP_8340-2_pp-2web1 LGP_8360_ppweb1Lukas 4 months

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July 29, 2015

Super Hero Mini


It’s time for the boy mini and looks like it’s also perfect for little girls! Makylie wanted to pose for me and wanted to dress up as captain america with a twist and I think she did a great job! Here are some of our favorites!

LGP_8606-1web LGP_8656-1web LGP_8686-1web LGP_8752-1web LGP_8817-1web LGP_8843-1web LGP_8910-1web LGP_8984-1web LGP_9023-1web LGP_9056-1web LGP_9064-1web LGP_9114-1web LGP_9126-1web LGP_9146-1web

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July 6, 2015

#georgeclan Monday Funday @ Great Salt Plains State Park, OK-38 Jet, OK



Monday Funday July 6th, 2015 ( a quick sum up of our day)

Today started with a crazy morning. Let me back track to what lead to the crazy hectic morning. Saturday we spent our 4th of July playing with the kids, outrunning the rain because we were topless in the jeep and didn’t want to put the top on, popping fireworks at our friends house and came home late from all our fun activities! We woke up early Sunday because the light was shining though our blinds making it impossible to sleep in so if we are awake might as well get ready for church because there is no excuse not to go. After church we came home swam with the kids and got ready for the baseball game we went to with our church, so as you can tell we were EXHAUSTED! Fast forward to this morning, we had to be out of the house at 7am in order to get to the Salt Plains and back in time for Michael to make his doctor appt at 2:45pm. We woke up at 6:00am but laid in bed until 6:15am and then ran around like crazy trying to get ready and get  5 kids up and out the door. Keep in mind one is a 2 month old who always takes longer then everyone else and even though he is the smallest person in our house he takes the longest to get ready.   The entire morning was a blur because we were just running back and forth throwing things in the diaper bag, trying to load the car, and pack snacks for the 2.5hr drive but we finally made it out the door and hit the road! The kids crashed in the car because they were exhausted from night before but it was a good drive, nothing crazy happened (thank goodness).  If you head to the salt plains definitely take the back way, you pass through all these little towns and get a nice view rather then taking the interstate. We finally arrived to the visitor center but not the digging area, we were in the wrong spot lol good ole google lead us to the “wild life refuge” instead of the plains where you dig for the crystals. We had to hop back on the road after a small detour through the refuge but finally made it!

We met my friend Mandy there (she had no issues because she’s been there before so she knew how to get there lol) let me tell you when you arrive to the plains it looks like water. It’s just so cool! I think Mandy’s little boy even thought it had snowed lol because there was so much salt everywhere. My girls were so excited to get out of the car and start digging! There were other people there but not very many and they looked like pro diggers. I’m so glad Mandy told me to bring buckets and shovels but I should of brought a big heavy duty shovel because you have to dig deep to find the big crystals. Oh! and you have to take water to wash off your items and your finds and DON’T wear anything nice because you will have salt all over you and all over your shoes and anything you own. The salt just sticks to you, like we had it all over our shoes and it just kept building and building on the bottom of our shoes. There is a designated area for you to dig in, I’m not sure why but the other area is “PROHIBITED” (I did however trespass because I wanted to get some shots of the kids hahahaha!) All in all it was a lot of fun! I got to sit on a bucket and dig around in the dirt for crystals with my kids. IT WAS A GOOD DAY!


*if you go to the salt plains remind your kids that you have to dig and put in a little work to find the crystals, at first my kids didn’t get that you didn’t just find them laying around!


Here are a few shots from our Monday Funday at the Salt Plains! If you want to see more pictures you can find them on instagram #georgeclan

LGP_4615-2web LGP_4695-2web LGP_4713web LGP_4834-2web

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June 17, 2015

‘Merica’s Birthday 2015


Gosh I just love 4th of July and I love doing the minis for this special day! I think this years minis for it are my all time favorite! I just can’t get over it! 4th of July Sneak1 LGP_1722-2ppweb1 LGP_9000-2ppweb2 LGP_9053-2pp1web1 LGP_9469-2ppweb1

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June 17, 2015

Wedding Dress Minis 2015


Wedding dress minis were the most beautiful minis I have done to date! All the little girl were so sweet and they loved dressing up in their mommy’s dresses and playing pretend. I am so glad I did these and I will be opening up another date! Email us at to schedule yours!

LGP_0239-2web1 LGP_0539-2web1 LGP_0759-2web1 LGP_1102-2web1 LGP_1157-2web1 LGP_1607-2web1 LGP_3435-2web1 LGP_5655-2ppweb1 LGP_5842-2ppweb1LGP_5960ppweb1

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May 21, 2015

The Best Family Mini EVER only at Lg Photography!


Summer fun only at Lg Photography! We are using this beauty for the best mini session ever and you can only find this setup here in Oklahoma! This beauty will be available for full digital session as well so if you’d like to use her please let us know at the time of booking!


vw summer1

LGP_0619-2ppweb1 LGP_0428-2ppweb1 LGP_0308-2PPweb1 LGP_0060-2ppweb1

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