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January 25, 2015

LOVE day at Lg Photography Studio!


The minis were yesterday and they were so much fun! All the kids just LOVED the balloons, it was so cute seeing their faces light up when they walked around the corner and saw the setup! Here are just a few I’ve had to chance to post! We are offering these during the week so if you’d like a spot let us know!




LGP_1608_ppweb1 Oliver Collage1

LGP_9963ppweb1 LGP_9460_ppweb1 LGP_9845_ppweb1 LGP_9603_ppweb1

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January 8, 2015

Baby #4 is coming and we are making changes in the schedule for his arrival


Hi Everyone!!

I figured it was time for an update on my pregnancy. Let me tell you being pregnant for the 4th time is a little tougher then I thought! I guess I just expected it to be easy especially since our youngest is 7 and figured that was a long enough break for my body but I was wrong. Really wrong. I love it though, feeling my little one move around and kick makes it totally worth it. It’s so crazy to see your body go through such a transformation and to know that your body is creating a little person.  It seems like my pregnancies before took forever and this one seems to be flying by but I think it’s because of my work schedule. It keeps my mind busy so I’m not obsessing about marking down another day once it’s over. Currently I am 24 weeks pregnant, Mr. Lukas Scoot Solo-Uno is due April 28th. Yes, yes you read that right we are naming him Lukas Scott Solo-Uno because it’s awesome and why not?! Some may think we are crazy for naming him this but I just love it, he’s my last baby and I want him to have a little Mexican in his name but I had to do it with a little flair hahahaha!

Now to the work information:

I know there are some clients who are due around the same time as I am :) and I know that you all are wondering about your newborn session (eeeekkkkk ladies, we only have 4 months left!!!) I will be taking newborn session for March and April and May but I am only taking Digital Newborn Packages during these months. I am taking a short maternity leave after Lukas arrives and I will only be coming in for the Digital Newborn Packages for late April and early May, we will have another great photographer on staff for any other session scheduled during this time. I will be doing all the editing on the sessions but my great friend will be helping me while I’m on maternity leave! She’s awesome and we shoot just alike so it’ll have all the Lg Style you know and love! Michael will also be on hand for anything you all may need.

I have to say I am really excited to meet all your little ones and I’m so happy that you all are expanding your families! As you all know I love kids and makes me so happy hearing that there are so many families adding their 3rd and 4th little ones to their clans. It’s so amazing to see all your wonderful families just grow.

So if you all are expecting for March, April, and May please email us to schedule your newborn session. We are only taking a certain number for those months and we’ve already had a ton of people booking but I wanted to make sure you all knew why we are only taking a certain amount (being 8 months pregnant won’t allow me to work a ton like normally) and I’d love to take your little ones pictures! Just email us at to book your newborn session!

Newborn Collage



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January 8, 2015

Valentine Minis 2015!


Vday Timeline

 Hi Everyone!

 We hope you had a wonderful time with your families during the holidays! We wanted to email you all and tell you about our Valentine mini coming up!

Valentine mini: 
We have now started booking the Valentine mini and we are booking for January 24th. This date has only been opened up for Lgp Clients and it’s first come first serve. The Valentine mini will be held at the studio and we will be using our super fun balloon setup. This setup up is super bright and just screams FUN for the kids. 

To Book Email: for a mini spot 
To Book Email: for a full session


Valentine Mini Session

This setup is for children only. The cost of this mini is $150.00 and you will receive a 15 minute time slot and 10-15 edited images sent to you via a downloadable link. We suggest only two kids per time slot, but we know most of you have more then two kids so if you have more then 2 kids we can add them to the setup (no more then 4 children) but only for individual pictures due to the width of the setup.  We can still get a ton of great shots of each of the kids which are perfect for Valentine day cards!


Mini Session Policies

We have changed the way we book our mini sessions. At the time of booking your time you will be sent a contract, you’ll have to look over the contract and sign it (electronically) and acknowledge the policies and after the contract is signed we will send you an invoice for the session. The invoice must be paid within 24 hours and the contract must be signed prior to paying your invoice. Signing and paying your invoice will then confirm your session time. It’s really easy and I know it can be a hassle and we appreciate you all working with our new changes.



How do we get our images?
-We send them to you through a downloadable link. It’s really simple to use and if you need help we can send you a step by step processHow soon will we get the images?
The valentine minis are GURANTEED to go out by January 29th.

What if I can’t make the January 24th date?
You can book a full session with the setup but the turn around time on your gallery will vary from the mini session turn around time.


How do you sign up?
To sign up please email me at
I will send you an invoice once I get you on the books and the payment must be paid within 24 hours or it goes to the next person on the list. Be sure to keep your receipt because it is your ticket for these events.
All payments are non-transferable and non-refundable.  Please visit the blog for mini policies.




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November 3, 2014

Black Friday Preview Sales


We have a lot of black friday sales that will be happening! Here are a few of some I have posted, more will be up later this month!  You can only buy these on November 28th and more info on each will come out as we get closer to the date!

10506883_10150439574079981_2338936805984489438_o 10620111_10150439075769981_6129194021871466624_o 10553911_10150439075759981_4325136436103690424_o

November 3, 2014

Christmas Sneak 2014



It’s HERE!! The Christmas sneak is finally up! I am so happy that this beautiful setup turned out just like I envisioned, I can’t wait to take photos of all the people who signed up for the mini! We are going to have a lot of fun with this setup for sure! I know a lot of people want to get in on the mini session but unfortunately all our spots were filled in early October. I am however letting clients use this setup for general session and digital packages that way they get some fun Christmas photos as well. I do ask that if your wanting to book a general or digital package to email us right away because all the spots are filling up fast and I need time to get your images edited and back to you in time for Christmas.  You can email us at to book a session.

LGP_7305-2ppweb1 LGP_7237-2ppweb1

George xmas mini1 Kenzie Xmas Commage1

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October 23, 2014

Christmas Clothing Options


Everyone is asking what clothing they should wear for the minis so I found some inspiration on pinterest for you all! I say the brighter colors the better, layers always photography great, and lots of patterns! The black and white striped VW BUG will have presents in the trunk pouring out of it and in the back seat will be filled with presents wrapped in reds, golds, blacks, and jewel tone wrapping. I can’t wait to see everyone there!

There are no outfit changes during the mini sessions and one option will be perfect so we don’t waste any of your shooting time!

xmas clothing page 1 xmas clothing page 2

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October 9, 2014

Halloween Minis 2014


We are offering a special for all our fans and clients! We wanted a way to say THANK YOU for your awesome support and we thought the best way to do that would be by offering you HALF PRICE HALLOWEEN MINIS! The Minis will be $75.00+tax and you will get 5-10 fully edited images and you will get them all before HALLOWEEN!!!  Bring your kiddos in and let us  take adorable little pictures of them in their sweet costumes! We will be offering these from 2-4pm on October 19th. Here is an iphone picture of this adorable little setup!



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October 9, 2014

Christmas mini 2014 VW STYLE


Very excited for our Christmas mini! We had originally planned on shooting them inside but quickly changed our minds when I found this awesome bug idea! We will be using a black and white striped VW BUG with a Christmas Tree strapped to the top and lots of presents over flowing from the trunk, there are some pictures below of my inspiration! How exciting will these sessions be! We are booking for November 16th and it’s our last day of Christmas minis. We’ve already booked all our other days so if you want a spot email us immediately at If all the spots are full don’t worry we are offering full sessions with the VW BUG as well and you can schedule those at!


Email us for information!


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September 4, 2014



It’s done! It’s done! It’s done! I’m not excited because they are done I’m excited because now they get to see them! This wedding was just beautiful, everything I hoped a destination wedding would be. Well, I say that about all the destination weddings lol but come on I mean every single one is super special to me! I am so happy with all the images and I can’t wait for Kali and Chase to see them. Here is a sneak of some of the goodness! Oh! And I do travel for weddings and I take a googol (yes it’s a word) of pictures, so if you want to bring me along send me an email ASAP at!


pulliamblog2 pulliamblog3 pulliamblog4 pulliamblog5 pulliamblog6 pulliamblog7 pulliamblog8 pulliamblog9 pulliamblog10 pulliamblog11 pulliamblog12 pulliamblog13 pulliamblog14 pulliamblog15 pulliamblog15A pulliamblog16 pulliamblog17 pulliamblog18 pulliamblog19 pulliamblog20 pulliamblog21 pulliamblog23 pulliamblog24 pulliamblog25 pulliamblog26 pulliamblog27 pulliamblog28 pulliamblog32pulliamblog33 pulliamblog34 pulliamblog31 pulliamblog29 pulliamblog30pulliamblog35pulliamblog38pulliamblog36pulliamblog39pulliamblog37



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August 31, 2014

This boy…


So, there is this boy and I get called aunt, sister, and even mom when people see me with this boy. The truth is this handsome boy is my 2nd cousin. He’s lived us before which was only temporary and he was with us for 1 year and seeing him go was the hardest thing ever and I constantly missed this boy.  When we he 1st came to live with  us the plan was always that once his aunt finished college he would move in with her but I wanted her to finish college so I offered my home to him so she could concentrate on her studies. At the time he left he needed more attention then we could provide and he had a very broken heart because he’s had a hard life for such a young soul. I think it was hard for him to come into a family of 5 and have our attention split into so many different directions. Once, he was all moved into his aunts house he loved it! It was so much fun for him and her and her husband were able to give him all the attention needed and they love him so much but I think he has always missed the chaos. When he would come visit us which was as often as possible and even summers, he would mention that he wanted to move back. I automatically want to say YES but I know it’s not good to have a child bounce back and forth and with the life he’s had he’s had enough bouncing. We talked to him and told him he was better off where he was and that he was just missing the girls and the chaos of our lives. That seemed to pacify him and like I said we got to see him on holidays but I think in a way he missed us and missed being close to the rest of his family.  Now, that brings us to this summer, he wasn’t able to make it back here for the summer because of football  and I think him being in Texas over the summer and having to his aunt and uncle working gave him a lot of free time and opportunity which he hadn’t had before. Free time as we all know  isn’t that great at his age and he wasn’t making the best of “friend” choices so after a very difficult conversation between him and his aunt they decided the best thing would be to move back with us. I commend her for making this choice because it’s such a hard choice to make but sometimes you just have to when you want the best for your family. The loves she has for this boy is intense and I know she wants him to have good life after everything he’s been through and seen so after this decision Marcos moved back in with us right as school was starting. I feel this is the best for him because I spend every single day working BUT my kids are always with me. I like having them with me! If they aren’t at school then they are with us and I am very lucky to have a job in which I can do that.  I’ve been watching him lately and it seems that is what he needed, the George chaos. I think once you get used to our daily life which is errands, family, soccer and family time it’s hard to want to do anything else or get away from it. Soooooooooo this is my best way of explaining this mysterious 4th child. I won’t go into why he isn’t with his parents just know that he is fun, sweet, loving, and sensitive and that he’s been through so much as a little boy. Luckily, he has family that loves him and  a Aunt Kayla who loves him dearly and would do anything for him  and a cousin Lisa who would go to the ends of the earth for this boy.

LGP_1271_ppweb1 LGP_1288_ppweb1 LGP_1325_ppweb1 LGP_1286_ppwebq1

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