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March 23, 2015

Lg Photography Wedding Exclusive


You guys! Listen to this, all new weddings that book a STANDARD WEDDING PACKAGE which is $1900.00 will be bumped up to the EXTENDED PACKAGE which is $2795.00 for no additional charge!!!!! You have until April 30th to book your wedding and all you have to do is email us @ and pay the retainer and WALA you get a free $895.00 upgrade!!

You can NOT beat this deal!!! If you have any questions feel free to email us!


March 20, 2015

Chunky cheeky smiles!



You can’t tell me this sweet girl isn’t beautiful! Those chubby cheeks, those blue eyes, and that cute smile! She is always so happy when she comes to the studio, I just love seeing her because I know it’s going be a super fun session. I seriously just love my job!
Meredith Collage1

March 20, 2015

Little giggles



We get the sweetest kids at the studio, this little one was super happy and she was just giggling and giggling! I think if people could start their day with hearing a baby giggle the rest of the day would be perfect! Loved getting to work with her and getting to meet her mom, I can’t wait to capture more images of this little beauty.

Ashley Collage1






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March 19, 2015

Baby E’s newborn session


Babies at the studio! It’s always so fun seeing all the little newborns and their families. I don’t what I love more about my job, getting to hold so many newborns or getting to take their pictures hahahaha

Kenzie collage LGP_0019_ppweb1 LGP_0056_ppweb1

March 18, 2015

She loves him!


There is something so beautiful about a little sister and brother! I mean it’s just a special bond. Miss L loves her her little brother and I know she is the best sister ever!LGP_0011_ppweb1

March 6, 2015

3 pack mini special!



Want to get a mini and would love to get it at a deal? Check this out! Our minis we are offering down below for 2015 but we are offering a package price for 3 of them! Your choice on which 3 you would like to do!  Pricing is also down below, you get a 15 minute session,  you get 10-15 edited images with each mini sent to your through a downloadable link.  The offer is only for the 3 mini package and if two setups are offered only one can be used, your choice which one.


March 7th             Easter Mini                                        $150.00 1 setup, $195.00 2 setups

March 14th           Easter Mini

June 6th               *Girl mini (theme tba)                     $150.00 (sisters can be in this mini. We only do sisters and not cousins to keep it fair to all other clients)

June 20th             4th of July Mini                                  $150.00 (Immediate family)

July 18th              Mommy and me mini                       $150.00

July 25th              Daddy and me mini                          $150.00

August 8th          *Boy Mini (theme tba)                    $150.00 (brothers/sisters can be in this mini. We only do brothers and sisters and not cousins to keep it fair t all other clients)

September 5th    Fall Mini   (FAMILY)                      $150.00

October 17th         Christmas minis   (FAMILY)         $195.00 (Christmas is NOT INCLUDED in special promotion package)

All clients who have purchased special package have 1st dibs on times for these packages which is great because sometimes we only do a limited number of spots and your automatically guaranteed one!

-3 minis for $300.00 saving of $150 (that’s like a mini for free!!!)

-You select the 3 minis you’d like to do. Christmas is NOT INCLUDED in this special promotion package.

-Minis must be done in the 2015 calendar year, NO EXCEPTIONS

-With the mini pass you must be scheduled on the dates offered due to the large setups we offer and assembly of them.

-TBA Dates will be held on Saturday dates

-Minis may be scheduled indoor or outdoor final decision is up to Lg Photography

-All mini session policies still apply

-Payments must be paid in full at time of purchase.

* Girl mini will be a wedding dress mini, Boy mini will be a Super hero mini locations are tba

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March 5, 2015

2015 Mini Session Schedule



Hi Everyone! I know you all have been waiting for the dates for the mini and we finally have them for you! Down below you will find the dates to the minis we are offering. All our clients who purchased the MINI SESSION PACKAGE we offered in February will be scheduled first and the remaining time slots will be first some first serve. We will start booking these now so if you want to book to guarantee yourself a spot just shoot us a message at! We look forward to hearing from you all!


March 7th             Easter Mini                                       $150.00 1 setup, $195.00 2 setups

March 14th           Easter Mini                                       $150.00 1 setup, $195.00 2 setups

June 6th               Girl Mini (wedding dress)              $150.00 (sisters can be in this mini. We only do sisters and not cousins to keep it fair to all other clients)

June 20th             4th of July Mini                                $150.00 (Immediate family)

July 18th              Mommy and me mini                      $150.00 (Mom and kids can be in this mini)

July 25th              Daddy and me mini                         $150.00 (Dad and kids can be in this mini)

August 8th         *Boy Mini Super Hero                      $150.00 (brothers/sisters can be in this mini. We only do brothers and sisters and not cousins to keep it fair t all other clients)

September 5th     Fall Mini   (FAMILY)                      $150.00 (Immediate Family)

October 17th         Christmas minis   (FAMILY)         $195.00 (Immediate Family)

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March 5, 2015

January and February in the studio


I’m sure you all can agree that you are ready for spring! Your ready for warm weather and for green grass! I am so ready but I’ve been keeping busy at the studio here are some of the recent session!

Bday Cake Collage1 Nicole Collage Candace Collage1 Jamey Collage1 Jennifer Collage1 LGP_4887_ppweb1Kacy Collage1 LGP_1151web1 LGP_9567ppweb1

February 13, 2015



 Pixieset is an image delivery service I utilize to quickly and easily deliver your images to you. No more waiting on DVD or USBs! It is my hope that you find this service to help provide a seamless delivery of your images in the most efficient manner.

If you have questions about how to use your pixieset gallery, please review the detailed instructions below:


To view an individual image, simply click on the photo! You can then choose to share the image or mark as favorite. Use your keyboard left and right arrows to arrow through your full gallery of images.


Share your entire gallery with your family and friends by clicking the Share icon on the main gallery screen:

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 10.52.49 AM

Or, share individual pictures. With an individual picture open, simply hover over the “share” icon to see sharing options. Example below:

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 10.53.39 AM


Start at the main gallery screen. Locate the download symbol (downward arrow):

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 10.54.49 AM

Click this download icon. You will immediately be redirected to a screen similar to the one below and prompted to enter your email address and the 4-digit pin you will have received from me when I sent you your gallery link.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 10.55.06 AM copy

 Enter your information.

On the following screen, choose your preferences:

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 11.25.20 AM

 Click “start download.

A link will be sent to the email address provided. This may take a few minutes, so hang tight! Once you receive your email and click the download link, your files will download as a “zipped” folder.

See instructions for how to un-zip your folder of images at the following links:

I hope this helps! If you have any further questions, please email me at

February 10, 2015

Family Newborn Session


These sweet babies mean the world to me! These beauties belong to one of my closest friends and I just love being able to capture these sweet moments for them. It’s so amazing to see their family grow and have such beautiful littles. During this session we concentrated on mostly family pictures and I just loved it! We got so many amazing shots for them to display in their home.

LGP_0097ppweb1 LGP_0279-2ppweb1 LGP_0421-3ppweb1

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